Has anyone else lost friendships since becoming a mum?

I know I’m not alone in this. It’s just sad. I know these friendships I’ve lost just arnt my kind of people anymore, it’s just disappointing. I’ve felt let down and unseen during a time when I really needed my friends around me. I’m lucky to still have friends in my life that gave me the love, support and understanding it just baffles me that the others couldn’t. But like I said they clearly arnt my people anymore. I’ve changed and I can’t expect them too. It’s just sad is all. Is anyone going through anything similar? Would anyone like to connect more via WhatsApp group to share more mum content? I know I’d benefit from speaking with more mums especially ones who have April babies like we do. If so please let me know. Take care Mummas 😊
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Same here! But it’s happened to me twice. 13 years ago and recently. I’ve also lost family members too x

@Maria aw I’m so sorry it’s happened to you too. Yeah I’ve lost a family member as well. Thanks for sharing x

I would love to join whatsapp chat

Same! I have only one friend left (we don’t text or see each other often). While pregnant we also moved to another city so at the moment often I feel completely alone (when my partner works or busy with other things). So my partner at the moment is my only friend 😂😂😂

I haven't "lost" friends but I've definitely noticed that I see them less and its definitely my childless friends. Im not excusing anyone's behaviour but I really don't think until they have kids they will see how hard it is for us to reach out like we used to, and that for the time being, they need to be the ones reaching out more. Unfortunately as I said, this probably won't become a realisation to them until they have kids, so I'm happy to give them the benefit of the doubt x

Completely understand how u feel hun. I hardly see my friends as much as I did before. But it’s ok we ain’t alone in this. See it as a positive..more time with your lil one. Playgroups and being on here is great way to make friends. WhatsApp and video calls and even parent coffee chats are great with mamas nearby who would like to get together

Thanks for everyone’s feedback. It’s nice to know we are in this together. Whoever would like to join a WhatsApp group chat send me your number and ill add you to the group 😊

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