Bleeding after c section

I had my c section 4 weeks ago and I'm still bleeding its not the red blood anymore but at times I'm still passing clots and something that looks like what the mucus plug looks like which I know it ain't that as that passed 2 days after and the blood is browny now with my vaginal births I stopped bleeding roughly 3 weeks pp
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I’m about to be 5 weeks pp and I’m still bleeding too with tiny blood clots and sometimes red blood. I was really hoping it would have stopped by now 😩 hope your okay xx

I was 5 weeks, ended with the micas stuff... Then stated my period at 7 weeks 😞

Also still bleeding and will be 4 weeks PP tomorrow.

I was bleeding until 5/6 weeks. Then it was just a little bit. 4 months pp and no period but think this is as Im exclusively breast feeding xx

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