I feel guilty when I’m not up cleaning or cooking.

It’s something I picked up from childhood. Any time I am sitting still or in a relaxed state, I start to feel guilty and think about things I should be doing. Does anyone else feel this way? How do you cope with the feeling?
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i used to feel this way until i met and married my husband who has truly given me everything and i get to live a soft life now :,) my best girlie softest life haha. but therapy also helps lol. it’s hard to cope..so what really helped was talking to a therapist or my husband ! who has always assured me that he loves to take care of me and that i can relax all i want

Yes, I always do. Sometimes I can quiet the thoughts by saying that I am doing my best and I need to rest so I can be present and have the emotional and physical energy to care for my LO. Other times, I just sit in the guilt (do not recommend), resign to at least start a task (if not complete). Sometimes the negative thoughts win and I just burn myself out. I highly recommend therapy and hope it works for you. And to have a support system that supports you in letting you rest.

Yep I feel like this

Same here x

Always, it's infuriating. Yet somehow there's always more to cook or clean.

Choose yourself 😉 choose contact. Connection with kids 💕 this! they're gonna remember. 💕 It's a generational circle I believe. You can be the change ✨ balance babe 😘

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