Does anyone else feel really fu**ing lonely? My partner goes out at 5.30am for work doesn’t get back till 8pm. I try and fill my day the best I can but even when I got out and I’m “filling” my day it’s just me and the baby so it’s still very lonely. Even going to classes fill an hour or so. I’m just feeling really lonely 😞
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Same here. Sunday morning and my husband has already gone to work for the 7th day this week. A long day ahead 😔

Same. I cried my eyes out as soon as he left because I was like here we go again..,

Ahh girls you are both doing amazing. Is there any help nearby? I know you say you do classes but is there other mum and baby groups? I'm sure thetes loads of other women in the same boat, it's just meeting them is hard.

I don't feel particularly lonely as I'm not so much of a people person, I kinda like just me and my son but I suspect it will change eventually. I'm up for meeting people though - I do go to classes and things but find no one really wants to chat or 'make friends''

It’s just hard like some days I’m thankful it’s just us and no pressure but other days is just lonely and im counting down the hours till my partner gets home.

I get that, especially on days when baby isn't the happiest. Do you have friends/family closeby? Where are you located?

Do you have any local facebook groups for mums? I often see people posting this exact thing and loads of people offer to have play dates or even just to meet up for a walk or coffee. Loads of mums are in the same boat so if you reach out you'll get alot of replies :)

Theres a fb group near me that a girl just created and everyday theres at least 1 meet up arranged and people just show up to what they can its lovely and chill. Classes are sometimes hard to meet people I agree as a lot of women seem to be cliquey. But even just a chat and coffee in a group can get you through an extra hour or two and you start to see all the same people.

I’ve had friends round this morning and see people most days but it’s just not the same as having my hubby at home to help out. I just wish we got more family time as I feel like he’s missing out on so much.

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