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Anyone else feeling like a burden for summer festivities? Got a ticket to Glastonbury but now I'm pregnant I feel like il be a burden to my partner and his friends!
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I actually don’t have any big summer plans 😂 however, as long as I’m not in the 1st trimester 🤢 being pregnant doesn’t stop me doing anything! I obviously won’t be drinking but when I have events etc to go to I still plan on being the life and soul of the party 😂 xx

If you’re feeling up to it, go! Just make sure you’ve got plenty to drink and take a camping chair with you. Even if they want to be up front, I’d recommend you enjoying from the back so you’re not being pushed and shoved x

I have soooo many events etc planned this summer and i'm pregnant. I don't think you need alcohol to have a good time & its who you're with not where you go sometimes too. Ive had my friends hendo weekend in edinburgh few weekends ago. Ladies day races last weekend. My friends wedding in 2 weeks i'm a bridesmaid for. I have peter kay coming up. Sarah millican coming up too. Its all events where im with people and theres alcohol involved but i still always wanted to go and be part of it. Make the memories. Go whilst you can do because it will be harder when you have your little one. Depends how you're feeling too. If you feel okay to go. You can always leave earlier or take yourself to the back out the way of people if you need. Just take it as it comes. X

It's the fact of his 2 faced friends that I'm now in 2 minds whether to go. I feel il just get stuck at the back with his mother instead of enjoying a week of pregnant happy bliss with other half

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