Wooden Toys

Hi fellow Montessori Mama’s. I fell in love with wooden toys after buying them for my little boy, but my goodness they are so damn expensive. I have made it my mission to make these toys more affordable and accessible whilst maintaining the quality you expect from leading brands. Check out my insta : tors.story and website www.torsstory.com if you would like to learn more about Tor, my brand and my mission 😊🌈🤍 Xx
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I love this! I hope you're able to start shipping internationally soon! They're so pretty

@Nicole thank you Nicole! Give me a follow on IG as this is something I am looking into at the moment. Where are you based? X

Would love to be able to order in the US! I just followed you 😁

Love this idea, but not sure if it would be considered "affordable" at least in the US. I found a similar 12pc wooden rainbow stacker on amazon for $32 USD and yours is $68 USD when converted. Are these toys much more expensive in the UK?

@Nicole Hi Nicole, just to let you know I now ship internationally 😊 please DM me if you’d like to purchase anything x

@Carina Hi Carina, there are many different versions of the rainbow to suit different budgets. My rainbows are made from high quality Beechwood and stained rather than painted with non toxic paint. This type of rainbow usually sell for much more than I offer them for, although I am not familiar with the US market. Fortunately my first few months since my launch have been very successful which means I have been able to purchase in higher quantities and pass these savings onto my customers 😊 x

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