I’m feeling depressed and hopeless. I barely can talk to any one that’s around me at home that includes my child’s father. I say this because before his mom past away she was the only one I would talk to about what I was going on and what I’ve been feeling. It’s hard talking to ppl. Now she’s gone keeping in contact with females is challenging.
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I'm here if you would like to chat I also own a mama support group with over 200 mama's who love to make new mama friends

Awe Girl, you are not alone❤️. I went through feeling this way and it comes and goes still ❤️. My mom passed on as well and I know how incredibly hard it can be. Reaching out in communities like this is a wonderful way to connect and reach others who are going through something similar. You are doing the best you can & all you can do is take it day by day. I always try to think when I’m feeling down that this feeling is not going to last forever and I am going to be happy again and everything is good

@Emily it is really challenging because we’re looking for answers as to what should we do. We seen she wasn’t doing well and it could be our last days with her but life is so short and surprising. Knowing I’m having a hard time communicating with others is a huge obstacle I need to overcome. Before my daughter I would communicate in person more

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