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I’ve heard nothing but good things regarding the doona. Has anyone experienced any negatives?
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We’ve got one cos of all the rave reviews! I asked this and was just told about the minimal usage time you have with them. But we got it to make my life easier when my partner has to go back to work. Makes it easier to nip down the supermarket x

Thanks @Katie thats exactly what I was thinking I’d be using it for. I don’t want to feel stuck in winter trying get a pram in the back on my car when I might be rushing on my own. It would be more for me to use when I’m on my own. X

I’m so excited to get a Doona! 🥹😂 but i watched the Doona and even flo shyft dual compare review on YouTube and it’s said the shyft dual will be able to be used a little longer than the Doona and also used for babies as little as 3-4 pounds. Again they are basically the same when it comes to convenience but the even flo your able to leave the wheels inside the base if you just want to take the car seat.

I wanted to doona so bad, but the safety reviews are pretty terrible :(( it was literally the least safe!

I have heard all great things except they are not great on long walks or city streets? We’re really getting one for travel and convenience in and out of shops.

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