Am I the only one!!

I feel like my baby father will never fully understand the changes that I am going through with this pregnancy. Not only am I drained from growing my son and don’t get me wrong I love my baby unconditionally but my baby’s father not understanding or seeming to not even care is even more draining. I just want him to be here already!!! I’ve lost every “friend” but honestly if the where a friend they would still be around pregnancy truly teaches you a handful!
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Unfortunately men will never understand what we go through , and unfortunately most of them aren’t compassionate either.

It’s a struggle and some men are just not emotional competent enough to see that pregnancy is HARD. it does not get much better when the baby is born either . The friend thing .. your friends that don’t have kids you will definitely see them way less cause they don’t understand and don’t think you can do anything just cause your preggo . They will come around eventually . Make them part of the journey and have them get to know baby too when he arrives .

I hear you. My hubby says he gets me and understands me but tbh I don't think he truly knows what I'm going through. Talking about friends, I have lost all of my friends except during since my first pregnancy. The friends that don't have kids won't fully understand what you're going through. So it's important to make new friends, meet moms who are experiencing same thing as you. I hope you feel better. I met few mom friends through one of my groups. Maybe try something like this

This is the true struggle of motherhood. Men are incapable of understanding because not a single one has ever lived it.

While he won't fully understand, it helped mine but going through apps that show baby development and constantly talking about the baby. We feel it 24/7, they don't. My husband admitted when I was pregnant with our first that sometimes he forgot I was pregnant or only thought about it once that day. I downloaded 7 different baby development apps and we read a different one every night. I talked about baby first thing in the morning-how many times I woke up to pee in the night, how uncomfortable I was, how hard it was to get back to sleep. And at some point during the day we had baby discussions, whether it was names, how would handle something, stroller choices, whatever. Just keep putting baby front and center in his life.

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