13 weeks pregnant

I have took any of my prenatal vitamins or anything will my baby be hurt or anything??? Im anxious. First month I was not able to keep ANYTHING down as in any vitamins or medicines even some foods
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No you’ll be fine my first pregnancy I never took any prenatals bc I kept forgetting to my daughter still came out super healthy prenatals are extra help it’s okay if you forget every once in a while

You’ll be okay! Just eat good and try to keep away from stressful things! I always forgot to take mine and my son is perfect!

You'll be fine , I never took any for my pregnancy and my baby came out healthy and perfectly fine 😊

I threw up multiple times a day for the first three months. I took the prenatal vitamins when I could. Cold Body Armor drinks, Popsicles, and saltines were my best friend. Once I got past the vomiting stage, I took them pretty much every day. My daughter came out perfect and healthy.

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