Big day tomorrow 🤍

Tomorrow I head in for my C Section and finally get to meet my little one - excited, nervous and everything in between. My anxiety is coming in waves and isn’t fun when it does… I’m trying to keep calm, distracted etc and know when I’m in the hospital it should be more settled… fear of the unknown I think right now. Can anyone provide me with some reassurance that all we be ok? I’d like to not hear of the negatives at this hour 🙈 but any positive experiences are totally welcomed. Thankyou so much x
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I had a csection a month ago you'll honestly be fine. You won't feel a thing and the moment your baby is lifted up and cries you'll burst into tears of joy. I was so grateful to the staff they talk to you throughout and made the experience alot less scary. As we didn't know the gender the theatre team were making guesses with us and they were just as excited as us when our little boy was born. The recovery is a bit more longwinded but my advice is take your painkillers and just baggy comfortable clothing. I stopped taking painkillers on day 5 and now I'm feeling normal just waiting for 6 weeks so I can start doing more physically. Message me if you have any question s x

No advice just right there with you as my section is also tomorrow 🫶🏼 I keep clock watching feels like I’m waiting for Christmas 😂 All the best 🤍

I had a C-Section this time last week and honestly it was much less scarier than I was expecting. It was a lot and extremely overwhelming there being so many doctors and bright lights but I just focused on my partner and we were just chatting to eachother, it was actually a really special moment. The after bit has been hard, I found the stinging of the scar and the itching to be the worst but I’m now on Day 7 and feeling much better and have been for a very short walk. Keep on top of pain relief as if you let it go too long you’ll regret it! I hope everything goes okay for you x

I had a c section yesterday after failed induction. I am so happy with the decision as she would have definitely gotten stuck in normal vaginal delivery due to her size and position. The whole c sec team was sooo amazing. Made me so comfortable. Cracked jokes throughout. Played my spotify playlist on speaker. Clicked pictures of my husband cutting the cord. It was such a great experience. I didn’t expect it to go like this. Recovery is going to be hard. Today is the first day after c sec. Standing up and walking is painful but manageable. Midwife did the changing and picking up baby in the night for me after my husband went home. Today me and my husband are doing it by ourselves

Also has a c section you will be fine, try and rest today if you can but I know it's never taking. As soon as you get to see them your world will change. I didn't get to hold little one straight away due to complications but seeing them in Daddies arms was so so special. Rest and allow yourself to properly recover for the first week, enjoy lots of baby snuggles x

@Vicki I’m in agreement with you. I had an emergency caesarean and honestly the whole team were amazing. We kept baby’s gender a surprise and it was definitely a delight to see our baby boy and how everyone was so involved to find out the surprise. My baby wasn’t tolerating the induction so was whisked to theatre. I am also in agreement with taking the painkillers available as it will help keep the recovery more comfortable. Most importantly listen to your body.

I had a c section 6 days ago, and would absolutely have one again. Everyone’s recovery is different but I’ve been shocked at just how well I feel. I’ve been on walks outside every other day from day 3. I am pretty much doing everything I would have done except lifting / hoovering. For the me the thing that’s hurt the most has been my stomach (not the incision) but my stomach felt bruised internally the first couple of days. I’m now pretty much pain free other than the odd stinging in my stitch at the ends & the initial getting up after lying / sitting was painful the first few days. Best advice for me is to keep on top of your meds. Take your time when getting up & move around as much as possible! I actually found I was in far less pain when walking around / standing up than I was sat down x

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