Friendly reminder that even on your good days... take it slow!!!

I fell down the stairs yesterday. It all happened so fast, but I was in a rush to get down to where my husband and toddler were so I could give her goodbye hugs before daycare. I was hurriedly wrapping my robe around me, so no hands on the handrails. My foot slipped on one of the steps, and fortunately I just landed on my back and slid down the rest of the way. But it could have been worse. So much worse. We went to labor and delivery for monitoring, and everything ended up fine. Just a sore back and a lasting sense of shock and horror that it happened. But the reason I wanted to post this is just to serve as a reminder for all us very pregnant women in the midst of our nesting instincts.. please take it slow. It's sometimes easy to get caught up in the moment and forget just how pregnant and fragile we are. It's easy to forget that our bodies have loose joints and a totally different center of gravity than before. You might think: "it's just one heavy box" or "I just need to reach this one thing" or not think at all and rush down the stairs because you use them everyday. And sometimes, yeah you may not have people around to help. But at the very least, learn from my mistake. Stay mindful with whatever it is you're doing. Because you just never know. And it's not just about us anymore.
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This is always a good reminder! Our stairs are old and I always find myself trying to hurry from one place to another! We are at the tail end of things and it’s better to be slow

So sorry that happened to you take it a lil slow🫶🏾🫶🏾

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