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I’m 20 weeks today and I have an anterior placenta I don’t think I’ve felt her move yet and I’m so so scared that something is wrong I have my scan tomorrow and I’m dreading it rather than excited :( anyone else in the same position? I also fell down the stairs on Sunday only on my belly and triage said baby is fine as i didn’t knock belly but I’m so scared!!
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I think you just need to relax a bit… that will definitely help tho…

Only on bum ** not belly

20 weeks is still early, especially with an anterior placent! i had an anterior placenta in my first pregnancy, i cant remember too well but i think my 22/23 weeks i was feeling her move a lot xx

@Roberta definitely easier said than done xx

@Keisha thank you very much xxx

Trust that you are exactly where you need to be with your pregnancy, life, everything else. If we live under anxiety, we’re creating problems that weren’t there to begin with. Your baby feels your anxiety, one of the reasons why you don’t feel the movement 🌱♥️

I am the same. 20 weeks, anterior placenta, not felt anything. I paid for a private scan and they said I may not feel anything until 24 weeks. The placenta is a cushion that stops us feeling anything x

I had an anterior placenta with my first and couldn’t really feel her at all, I understand your anxiety. Please try to relax (I know it’s easier said than done) xx

Thank you so much everyone your comments relax me 🩷🩷🩷 I have my 20 week scan tomorrow so fingers crossed xx

I’m not at 20 weeks yet (18 atm) so I’m not quite in the same boat but you’re gonna be okay. Regardless of what happens you’re where you’re meant to be right now. It’s completely normal not to feel your baby just yet, some feel earlier than others. Sending love ❤️

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