NIPT testing Natera

How soon after the lab received your tests did you get results? Thanks in advance
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I had my results in about 6 days.

@Chandra after they received it or 6 days from blood draw?

I've received mine as early as 4 days from blood draw and as late at 8 days.

I got mine 6 days after they received it. And they received it the next day after I did the blood draw. So totally wait time for me was 7 days

@Laura 6 days after the blood draw my doctor told me the results.

I got results 6 days (4 workdays) after they received the blood sample.

7 days from blood draw

5 business days

Did you get an email/ text when the result was ready or did you have to keep on checking?

@Grace I had to check myself they never sent an email saying it was ready

@Laura thank you!!

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