Am I just panicking??

Hey mummas! I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my first, does anyone else feel like they are completely unprepared and have so much to do or get by the time the baby gets here or am I just unnecessary panicking. We have the main essentials but nothing is organised and her nursery is no where near done. Please tell me I’m not the only one 😩😂
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I’m no where near I’ve got all of her stuff nothing for me post birth and her nursery hasn’t been touched no cot nothing my MIL is meant to be getting my next to me but she hasn’t got it yet worried baby is gonna come early and I’ll have no where to put her 🙈 feel like I don’t want to nag but getting so anxious myself :) your not alone

Don’t worry you’re not the only one. I’m nearly 30 weeks, Me and my partner don’t even have a place to live for our son at the moment, so no nursery at all yet. Times are hard. We have everything he needs, apart from the big stuff which family members have said they wanted to get, we haven’t received any of them yet. I have no hospital bag so not started on that yet, I also have nothing for myself post birth either. So yeah I’m panicking also but trying to keep it together. 🫶🏻

Definitely not the only one! My first is 9 months Friday and I didn't finish painting her nursery until the day before I got induced! I'm still needing to go through her clothes and get the nursery sorted again to prepare for this one, and it's only getting harder the longer I leave it 😂 x

I have only bought 2 outfits and a pack of nappies 😂 so your doing better than me 🙈 I just don't want to do anything to early incase I jinx it although not now nearly 30 weeks but I said to my husband once I'm 32 weeks, we get moving. My friends say I'm stressing them out as I'm so chilled about it 😂

Nope I’ve literally just bought clothes and a bath from Facebook marketplace. Saving the big stuff until like June time as we don’t really have space for a whole nursery and it will just be cluttering up the house for now

No I feel the same! Going to start on the nursery this weekend to get clothes organised etc!

I've got pretty much everything and still panicking that I haven't got enough 🤦‍♀️

28 weeks tomorrow here and we don't even have a nursery! 😅😂 We're planning on moving to the new house before baby arrives, but I've bought the main pieces (like cot and pram) just in case. The clothes I've got for the baby are all washed, but I have not yet organized what I might need for postpartum, like pads and so on 😶‍🌫️

Try not to stress, newborn babies don't need much and there is always Amazon for anything you don't have before birth. Just focus on the big things and try to enjoy the experience as before we know it babies will be here x

26 weeks and not even started the nursery, ordered the pram & cot in recent weeks but only have a bouncer, 3x baby grows and some muslins 😂

I’m nearly 30 weeks and in a similar boat. Not packed my hospital bag and not bought a lot, just a few clothes. Have the pram stored at the pram shop we used but feel quite underprepared with the nursery - it’s painted but nothing in it! It’ll all come together x

Nope we haven’t even sorted our nursery out. We have a wardrobe and changing area (in separate rooms mind) but for a cot etc nope! He is with us for the next 6 months so don’t see the point haha xxx

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