First Trimester

I’m in my first trimester and it’s really difficult. I can’t keep anything down, I’m exhausted, and everything stinks! I thought I wanted to have multiple children but idk if I can do this again. Just venting!
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I was so nauseous this am I almost called in to work. I've been borderline asleep my entire shift and it's only halfway over 😭 I don't know how others do this over and over. I'm only 7w, and I've heard it gets worse at 8 and 9. Honestly I'm scared. I hope it gets better for you!


@Christina I work from home and I still don’t want to do anything 😩😩😩 this is the worst. I’m 7 weeks as well and I REALLY hope you’re wrong about weeks 8 and 9!

@Christina I hope things get better for you as well!

@Jemaima I hope things get better for you!

I’m in the same situation, the only thing helping keeping food/ drink down is antisickness tablets. I always wanted two but this one is killing me off slowly

I'm on my second and part of me has no idea why I did this to myself again

First trimester sucks. It will hopefully get better, although I know it’s hard to believe it now. I got better around 16-17 weeks, currently 28. That said, the experience has definitely cemented I’m one and done 😁

I am so sorry you feel that way.I really understand what you mean. I hope your nausea gets better. I am 10 weeks pregnant and this week was so rough I had to go to the ER and get meds...Zofran is the only thing that worked for me. I couldn't keep anything down at all. And had to take off work.

Try speaking to your doctor and getting cyclazine hydrochloride it’s an anti sickness tablet that did me wonders for my morning sickness and motion sickness

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