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My C-section is booked for tomorrow, I’ve been nervous all week since we signed the paperwork but I know it’s the safest option for baby. I’ve spent the last few days keeping busy doing odd jobs around the house and reading up on other people’s experiences. Today I’d set aside for some me time and a last pamper before I go in - had a lovely chilled day but my partner has just come home from work and I’ve crumbled. I can’t stop crying, he’s trying so hard to understand what it is that’s set me off but it’s not one particular thing. I’m absolutely terrified about the surgery and my brain is going through all the possible things that could go wrong. I’m scared of the unknown and when things are out of my control. I’m scared about how much of a massive life event tomorrow will be and want to make sure I’m good enough for my little girl. I’m heartbroken at the thought of her not being in my tummy anymore and not feeling her kicks (stupid I know as she’s going to be in my arms instead.) I’m scared of the thought of her growing up and needing to make the most of every day whilst she’s so small as she’ll never be that little again. I’m scared of how me and my partner are going to cope, we hardly ever argue, he’s so chilled out but I know how stressful these first few weeks will be for us both and I want to make sure we’re working as a team the whole time. Please tell me if you had any of these worries as I feel so silly for getting this worked up but I don’t seem to be able to calm myself down. If you did, did anything help you calm yourself down?
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i’m 6 weeks post c section and it was the best day of my entire life. you won’t have time to worry that she’s not in your stomach anymore, you’ll be busy soaking up all the cuddles with her instead 🩷

if you are really nervous tomorrow, please tell a midwife or DR! they will reassure you and you’ll feel tons better. don’t suffer or worry in silence it’s not worth it, congratulations, tomorrow will be amazing

That was the same thing went to my mind before c-section for week and week I cried my eyes out worrying so much about the operation and complications. I had my c-section on 8th April and it was wonderful. It was the best experience in my life. My baby came out really quickly I was awake and didn't feel any pain, it was just pressure and pulling sensation but all overed within an hour. It was the safest way to deliver my baby and by pass all other complications with Vaginal Birth. Wishing you good luck for tomorrow xx

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