Seems like the closer I get to 40 weeks, everything just hurts so bad. My belly feels like a balloons. And I can’t breathe when I lay down it be scaring me
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girl, same. just same 😭

Fully agree 😭 we got this

I feel like death today. 😭

Don't try to sit straight up it hurts like anything I've been struggling to get up in the morning and I'm 34 weeks it feels like a huge pull and I just wanna scream .

Fully agree I’m so irritated at life. My body aches I’m exhausted 24/7 I can’t breathe ughhhhh

i’m in the sameeee boat. i woke up today in tears because my body hurts so bad, everywhere. it feels like somebody pumped my joints full of fluids & the moment i lay down i can’t breathe which causes me anxiety so it’s all bad 😂 I’m also CONSTANTLY hungry, which I guess is a good thing considering I couldn’t eat for the first half of my pregnancy. but sheesh girl I feel you, im ready for this baby to be here & this third trimester is going by soooo slow

Are you laying on your back ? & I feel you. My Dr told me to keep from laying on my back because it puts pressure on your uterus. And once the abdomen starts to expand, it is best to sleep on the left side with knees bent. Not only is side sleeping more comfortable, it also helps improve blood flow for the pregnant person and the fetus.

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