I have always had a very regular period. 28-30 days. I have recently noticed I have been gettinf my period on the 25th or 26th day of my cycle. I am 37 and still want to have more babies. I already have a 4 year old. My periods are comple

completely normal other than this. Do any women have any experience with this? It just has me worried. I will also add i have been under a lot of stress latelt as a single mom and I do work out as well. Thank you for any kind words
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I don't think a shorter cycle is necessarily a reason for concern. It could just mean you are ovulating sooner. If you weren't ovulating, the cycle would probably get longer, not shorter. But you could ask your doctor to test your AMH if you are concerned.

It depends what changes are actually going on in your cycle as to whether or not you need to take action. Do you track ovulation using BBT and CM? What day of your cycle are you typically ovulating and how long is your luteal phase? (Remember, ovulation can only be confirmed by BBT) if you aren't already tracking this way, then I encourage you to start. It will take three cycles to see a trend. How many cycles has it been that you've noticed the change? Have there been any changes in lifestyle or diet around three months before this change? Antibiotic use? A new streetlight outside your bedroom window? Anything at all?

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