Where did everyone give birth?

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I have had multiple hahaha three in hospital one in a birth center and one at home with not medical supervision at all hahaha

I gave birth at home unnassisted. I was 42 weeks pregnant, with high blood pressure for the last 3 months of pregnancy. I had my nursery set up with a birthing pool, fairy lights wound around it, had my husband make laborade, and a birthing pool. I had binarural beats playing. I first felt a cramp about 530 ish, felt like I had to diahreah. I labored on a medicine ball for about half the time, maybe a little more; then I got in to my birthing pool. The water was warm maybe warmer than a midwife would permit but it helped soothe me until the contractions were feeling like pulling my bones out my body. Just me n hubby til 11:18 pm (5-6 hours later) when lil man made his devue. It was private, quiet, I was in control and it was as low stress as labor could go. It was also quick. Id do it all over again.

I gave birth in lij katz women hospital . I was at forest hills lij but they actually transferred me to the one in long island because they had a better nicu and i had iugr. I loved it there lol i would say their rooms are smaller compared to Jamaica hospital as I had toured there bc i had my prenatal care there but their staff is way better. I literally didnt even have to wait 5-10 mins after i asked for the epidural the nurses as came to check on me every 15-30 mins. They helped me learn everything and helped me freshly postpartum. They food was good asf too they had a lil fancy menu and u could tick off what u wanted😂. They took amazing care of both me and my babyboy

I just gave birth for the first time in January, i had him at Katz woman’s hospital in Long Island New York. I was induced and was in labor for 12 hrs finally he was born at 5:52am I defiantly asked for epidural. It really helped me along the way. I gave birth vaginally

I gave birth at LIJ KATZ .. had to be induced as I was post term, was in labor for 3 days, got the epidural, balloon for dilation, almost passed out after delivering him, had post partum bleeding, they had to put in the baloon to stop it, crazy ride but the staff and everyone was super skilled.. loved my experience

Not in queens but I highly recommend Mt Sinai South Nassau in Oceanside, Long Island. The birth team there is super great

Queens Hospital and it was awesome.

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