Hip pain

Is there any cure for hip pain in bed ? I’m in bits !! I’ve tried all sorts of pillows etc 😵‍💫
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🙈 I feel you. I have been having hip pain while laying in bed for months now. Nothing helped, except keep alternating the sides to relieve a little one side at a time. And I guess my pain tolerance got a little better over time.

Following to get tips but I have been using hot water bottle

Have you tried to sleep on your left side?

What I usually do is.. I try turning, then twisting my hip to shift the weight, and if that doesn't work I go and sit-sleep on the couch for a bit and then go back to bed. Sometimes, going on all 4 and moving around to stretch helps too.

You can sleep on your back just put a few pillows under you and don't lay directly on you hip if you can. I put a pillow between my legs and a pillow kinda under my belly it works.

Thanks ladies 💕

God I wish there was every night I get comfortable on one side and give it 20 mins I have to roll over because my hip hurts too much I'm up most of the night turning from side to side no matter what pillows I use it'd hell to try and sleep x

@Ona my midwife told me you can't sleep on ur back even with pillows once you're in the 3rd trimester x

I went back to physical therapy. They massage me first. It's great.

@Tilly I'm sure they all have different beliefs. They said it's fine . You literally lay on your back to give birth. She said just make sure it's not uncomfortable and follow your body.

@Ona as much as it's the norm we shouldn't be giving birth on our backs, it's absolutely the worst position to be in during birth as gravity can't do its thing😅

I recently found using a feather pillow between my legs and slightly under my tummy helps reduce the hip pain much better than using a pregnancy pillow or other pillows. I also found sticking my foot off the edge of the bed when on my side for some reason reduces the hip pain.

Only thing that helps me is a bath and my yoga ball xx

@Katie I didn't say that was right but the doctors are contradicting themselves if that's the case.

@Gemma there is something in the foot thing I agree… this will be a distant memory soon 🙏🏼

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