Little or no reaction to hormones

I had my second transfer the other day and I feel absolutely nothing. My first fresh cycle I had all the symptoms but it failed and I imagine my symptoms were from the progesterone. This time around I’m on way more taking 3 oral estrogen, 2 vaginal estrogen and 3 progesterone pessaries a day and I literally have no symptoms. My lining too a while to thicken so I’ve been on estrogen 4 weeks and progesterone 9 days, could it be that my body is so used to them I feel nothing? 4dp5dt and already feel like it’s not worked again 😭
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Please don’t lose hope! I had a awful day 4 days dpt and now I’m testing postive. Have faith and just rest and give your body the best chance! Sending you baby dust xxxxx

It took many weeks for my progesterone to show the effects on me. After transfer, I had absolutely no symptoms - none from the transfer nor the progesterone/estrogen, but I still tested positive. IMO - I don't think you have anything to worry about. Only your test will confirm if it worked or not. Sending you baby dust 💓

The meds can definitely affect you differently transfer to transfer (we have had 2 kids through IVF) Doesn’t mean it didn’t work!

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