Pregnancy pillows?

Help! I am 21 weeks and I think I need a pregnancy pillow for sleeping. I have always been a side/front sleeper (I basically sleep in the recovery position tbh) but I’m finding that uncomfortable now on my chest mostly so I keep waking up on my back which isn’t great. I don’t have much of a bump yet so I’m not sure what I should be thinking about in terms of support and what I’m going to want in a few weeks time. Bump pic from this week. Bump is pretty neat but boobs are massive already. 😅😂
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Bbhugme. Worth every penny. I still use it even though baby is 26 months now (I am a side sleeper too)

Agreed with bbhugme, literally amazing

I got one of the wedges style ones because O was a front/side sleeper and I wanted some to stop me being able to wake up on my back too, and also something that wasn’t going to be too hot as we go into the summer x

Honestly my midwife and doctors all told me that sleep is important during pregnancy and that your body will know when to move itself and reposition. I wouldn’t worry about sleeping on your back or tummy. Sleep the way you get good sleep and let your body do its thing. But pillow wise I suggest the U shaped pillows. I don’t have a specific brand I recommend, but I’ve always been a side sleeper and I always sleep with a pillow between my knees to help my hips stabilize and not be sore. So the U shape pillow was fantastic. I still use it to rest my arms on either side on the pillow for support when I’m chest sleeping with my girl.

Loved Bellamoon!

@Thao and @Amber i did look at that one but the price kills me! Is it just the adjustable aspect that makes it so amazing? Maybe i can find a dupe? Xx

@Mish oohh interesting. I havent seen that type but ill have a wee look. Thanks!

@Caroline it is the fillings. It is really amazing and worth it.

@Karina thanks! I have a nervous husband who keeps rolling me when I’m on my back (bless him). Thanks for the tip. This looks the most common style so hopefully should be easy to find a good one if I go down that road.

@Amy thanks! Ill def have a look at this! Xx

Everyone said to me bb hug me but they are expensive and huge. I have a pregnancy pillow that I got off Vinted for £5 and it’s so good!

Recovery position sleeper here! The only support I really felt like I needed was under my top leg/knee. It started pulling on my hip as I got further in pregnancy. I used a firm memory foam type pillow that we already owned. My first pregnancy I got a pregnancy pillow but I didn’t find it chunky enough to rest my leg, and annoyed me how much space it took up in the bed. Once I was comfy on my side, I didn’t need to roll on to my back often at all.

@Caroline this is the one I got, and then I just use a regular pillow between my knees. It also makes it much easier to turn over in the night WEIKA Pregnancy Wedge Pillow for...

i’m obsessed with my pregnancy pillow! it helps me sleep so much better, with less pain. i have the Welcome to the World Seedling Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow

Personally I didn’t want something that would take up most of my bed and I get claustrophobic easily. I just ordered a body pillow from Amazon that was memory foam and had a “cooling gel” side. Which helped a lot with those sweaty nights. Usually when I can’t sleep I need to contact something cold and firm. Easy to wrap leg over too for support

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Bbhugme is the best! It’s great for pregnancy and then equally as great for nursing

newton!!! I bought one from Amazon then I got the newton and I’d never go back it was SOOO good

I use a standard V pillow from ikea with a cover from Dunelm. It was £15! I loved it and still use it everyday for back support when feeding in the night. I have an 8mo. I originally bought a big pregnant pillow that was expensive but found it took up a lot of space and was a faff when you wanted to turn over x

@Rhiannon I used one of these when I had mine and it worked. I am not using it Caroline, if you would like to have it, it will be free.

BBHug me - I had one before a BBHug me and there is no comparison, it’s the best there is!

everyone recommending BB Hug me’s - aren’t they huge in the bed? 🤣 we only have a double not a king and it’s already a squeeze with me being pregnant and my partner being 6 ft

Another vote for BB Hug Me ! Love it and can't sleep without it !

@Ruby it is not though compared to the big u-shaped one.

Another vote for bbhugme! It was amazing. Used it in the first 3 months postpartum as well as got backache. There are some things you will sacrifice and not spend the money on whilst being pregnant and then with a young baby (this is what I tell myself when I am indulging in something 😂).

Another vote for the bbhugme - I got mine second hand on Vinted for about £50! I also really rate their nursing pillow too 😊

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