I have just hit 28 weeks and I am experiencing the worst hot flushes I’ve ever experienced, to the point where I feel faint and nearly throwing up. I have a fan on me throughout the day at my desk in work which is helping massively. Just need reassurance that this is normal and I’m not the only one 😩
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I had this for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the 3rd trimester too! My midwife said it was completely normal due to the change in hormones at that point in pregnancy. She just advised me to have a fan if I could, drink plenty of water and snack little and often… she also advised if I feel dizzy to sit down straight away to reduce the chance of fainting (she said if I did faint then to ring triage) x

I have felt this my whole pregnancy pretty much. I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and they suck! In the beginning of my pregnancy I was in the shower and luckily my husband was in there with me and I passed out because I got too overheated. I was lucky he was there and caught me. I have to take pretty much cold showers now otherwise I feel like I’m about to drop. It’s completely normal tho. Just need to be extra careful. Drink lots of cold water, have a fan. But nothing that you are doing wrong. Just take it easy listen to your body. Your body is working in overdrive to create that beautiful little human. But lots of water and a fan will help a ton. You got this mama!!

Absolutely normal. I had it last year and it was horrendous. This probably sounds mad but I eneded buying a pet cooling pad from b&m and it helped a fair bit during the day and night. I aslo got the towels that you can soak in water and wrap around your neck too

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