Preggo Pillows

Any recommendations for pregnancy pillows? I quite fancy a Natty-style one so it doesn’t take up too much space but would love to hear opinions!
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Momcozy !

I loved baby bub and it’s super compact!

My first pregnancy I had a c shaped pillow, borrowed from my sil, and it was super comfy but took up a ton of space😅 this time around I bought myself a j shaped pillow and it takes up a lot less space but stops me from rolling over and helps with the hip pain still😊

I have a momcozy pillow and LOVE IT

I LOVE my momcozy

I got baby bub

I have three pregnancy specific pillows. Australian brand sleepy head, belly bean and pharmadoc. I’m finding a normal pillow from TK Maxx between my knees is beating them all for comfort at least until now. Only 22 weeks maybe the pregnancy pillows will come into their own later on.

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