Pregnancy pillow

Does anyone know any cheap alternatives to a pregnancy pillow please x
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I got mine on Vinted like new if you don’t mind buying second hand Vinted is always a good site to use

@Abby it never came to mind, I’ll have a look x

There are some more reasonably priced ones on Amazon I think and also online4baby do some. Otherwise just regular pillows between your knees & ankles to keep your legs aligned and under your bump if needed x

I got a v shaped pillow and it cost me like £10. I have a pregnancy pillow that was gifted me but I find the standard v shaped pillow way more comfy.

Have you tried just using several normal pillows, behind, in front, etc.? It works fine for me and I prefer not to buy something extra that will only use short term. Could be worth experimenting before shelling out!

Try argos

I got mine from vinted too, paid £8 with delivery including a few babygrows in the bundle so definitely can find a bargain!

John Lewis V shaped pillow £25 x

V pillow and I use it for breast feeding my current baby. Have a few covers for it from dunelm

I just bought a V pillow from dunelm for £12 this time, had bought the Asda pregnancy pillow last baby but it was too big and bulky for me X

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