Peri menopause bleeding

Help... I have been perimenopausal for about 2yrs roughly. My periods are very hit and miss, 2 month, 4 monthly whatever it feels like. I have a period now and haven't had one since beginning march, the problem is this time I have been bleeding so heavy since Saturday that I am changing every 1/2 hours including through the night. Is this normal? (Whatever normal is). Thanks x
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There was a time last year I was dealing with that same issue. Soon as I got a prescription from Dr it had stopped. Ever since then I would be doubly prepared for at night especially. I have actually asked my female family members that have already been through it and had their menopause. I also asked my neighbor. I guess it is different for each person. I would talk to ur Dr they should know how to help. I'm 47 and I have been dealing with the perimenopause for awhile. Seems like hormones start going off too. So just to let you know, you are not alone. As we are new to these life changes in our bodies we have questions so we can understand.

I hope this helps.

Hello 🙂 Sorry to hear you're struggling with this at the moment. It's very common in perimenopause, and as Trishia says, there are things that can be prescribed to help control excessive bleeds. Our M-brace The Change factsheet on perimenopause periods should be really helpful: I hope that gives you useful information and your doctor can help 🩷

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