Best maternity pads for post delivery?

So many options for a ftm! Would prefer wings as I find non winged pads annnnnoying. I’ve seen people mention Abena pads but not sure these are winged/where to get them from?
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As a second time mum, I'd advise to avoid pads and use the incontinence underwear instead. Pads rub on any stitches. I bought the always ones and they were a God send.

Lil lets maternity pads are my personal favorite from my first baby, they do 2 types as far as I'm aware from 0 to 3 weeks postpartum then 3+, the 0 to 3 week ones are great! X

For first 2 days I use adult nappy pants and after just regular pads I would use when on period 🙂

I used lil let's maternity pads after my first, I had no issues with my stitches x

I used Abena pads for the first few days with my first when the bleeding was heaviest then went down to the lil let’s plan on doing the same this time (bought both on Amazon) The Abena ones are truely huge but I liked that made me feel extra secure 😂

Lil lets maternity pad, light, comfortable too

Lil lets maternity, definitely! They are so soft! Can bulk buy on Amazon xx

Adult nappies to start and then your usual pads. I wouldn't overstock as some people don't bleed for long. Just 3 days for me x

As above Lilets, brought in bulk on Amazon 😊 Personally didnt like incontinence underwear as I found it a pain to keep changing them so often, pads were just quicker and easier for me 👍

@Kirsty I bled for 8 weeks!! Definitely needed maternity pads. I liked the Tesco ones, they were really soft.

Lilets maternity pads - great! I tried the adult nappy underwear but didn’t get on with them, much preferred the pads xx

Another vote for lil lets. I was worried as I usually use reusables as disposable pads can irritate down there. But they were fantastic. Just done a bulk order which came yesterday 😁

@Lauren oh my gosh, isn't it crazy how everyone is so different xxx

@Kirsty it’s mad, other people are on their second period at that point! Xxx

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