Please don’t judge just need support

I had an abortion in March because I’m not in a place to have a baby right now. I already have a 2 year old and a 10 month old and me and my fiancé broke up. I still haven’t gotten my period since I had the abortion so I took a test yesterday and found out that I’m pregnant again!! ☹️
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Hugssss good luck

Not trying to judge or anything like that but if your not in the predicament or trying to have a child you should be using protection so it wouldn’t happen

Make sure you go to your doctor to double check everything. i ended up getting one last march and my period is only finally starting to get regular again a whole year + later. If you’re truly not ready there’s no shame in getting another abortion. Do what is best for you!

Did you make sure that you weren’t still showing pregnant after the abortion? If so then do what you need to but you need to start using condoms and get on birth control so this doesn’t happen Again. Or just stop having sex for the time being

You guys broke up though 😭... but also can you see a specialist about this? It seems you're not safeguarded if something like this ever happens again in the future.

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