Burning mouth or reflux in perimenopause?? Any suggestions for relief? I am on Bhrt with not much relief for any of my symptoms which let me tell you is a laundry list! I am over this already and it’s just the beginning 😩😩
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Hello 🙂 Just to clarify, is the form of HRT you're using regulated, or is it from an unregulated source (e.g. Compounding chemist)? HRT takes a little time to settle down, so if you've only started in the last few weeks, that settling period may still be underway... You might find our M-brace The Change Symptom Handbook useful: 🙂🩷

It’s compounded and u have been on it for a year

Ah, OK. Then I suggest that you switch to an approved regulated form of HRT with a Menopause Society registered clinician if at all possible. Clearly, this form of HRT isn't working for you as symptoms aren't being controlled by it. 🩷

This may be helpful information:

Hello again 🙂 Just came across this, and thought of you: A bit of a long read, but may be of interest: This US study found that oestrogen levels following administration of compounded creams was significantly less than with equivalent dosing of approved and regulated transdermal gels & patches. 🩷

I actually use the compounded troches orally and oral micronized progesterone pills

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