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So my baby is 2 weeks old and is constantly making this grunting sound and seems like she’s pushing/forcing to poop or pass gas. I feel so bad she always seems uncomfortable.. iv been giving her probiotic but doesn’t seem to help. Anyone else’s baby does this or does anyone have any suggestions to help?
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My LO does this all the time, has since she was born and she's 8 weeks now. Apparently it's just their bodies learning how to poop and digest! Some babies are just louder than others! X

My baby is 7 weeks old now and was doing this. And we discovered that he has a dairy allergy but he also was puking a bunch, had grass green mucus like poop and was very congested. We gave him little remedies gas drops that seemed to help before realizing it was a dairy allergy.

Hi, my baby is 5 weeks old and his pediatrician said it’s the change their body’s go from one type of stool to another and since babies don’t k ow what muscle to use to poop they use all lol.

My baby will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and does the same thing. I asked a nurse about it on Monday and she said it was totally normal.

My first was so quiet and my twins were the loudest gruntiest babies after birth. They’ve settled more now that they are close to 8 weeks. I’d literally wake up constantly just to check if they were awake bc they were so loud. I also realized drinking milk was making the breastmilk more uncomfortable for them. They became much more calm after eating once I stopped drinking milk.

It's totally normal. I call him Mr. Grunty Grunters until it stops, lol.

2nd time mom here. You can try Mylicon (pediatrician recommended) to help with possible gas. It’s usually worst between 4-9 weeks. Good luck!!

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