Unplanned pregnancy, how did you cope?

For those of you who have gone through an unplanned pregnancy, how did you cope? What got you through the negative emotion if you had negative emotion? Did you struggle to attach to baby? Just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant. I just feel like I'm on such of an emotional rollercoaster.
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I had an unplanned pregnancy, me and my partner had only been together 4 months and I never wanted kids so I really struggled to begin with, I was terrified I felt like my life was over and I never really felt attached to my son during pregnancy the way others do. I never enjoyed my pregnancy because I was always in pain and stuff. When I gave birth I took a while to attach to him due to my birth being hard and being severely anaemic afterwards. Now though I absolutely adore my little boy and I couldn’t my life without him! It’s definitely a hard thing to cope with and there are options out there if you feel this isn’t for you but if you want to continue with the pregnancy I’m here to talk and answer any questions you may have. Good luck with whatever you decide💕

My first pregnancy was unplanned and I was super excited and happy right away. But I had the opposite experience with my second. I’m currently pregnant with my second and she was planned, but I panicked the second I found out. My son was only 5 months and they will be 13 months apart. I really struggled in the beginning and it took me about a month or two to really feel excited about her coming. I still have moments of panic, but it has gotten better over time. I’m currently 24 weeks for reference.

So for my second pregnancy, it happened sooner then I expected it. I struggled for the first 20 weeks not being attached or wanting this child. I hated all the symptoms I was having. But knowing I only wanted two kids I tried to remember it since it was my last. I went back and forth to keep the baby or not. I talked it through with other moms who had 2+ kids and how they handled it. Because I believed I couldn’t handle two. I prayed for wisdom and strength to carry on. It’s still sometimes hard when I struggle food,finances or something comes up to be happy. Now at 32 weeks I’m ready to meet this child and move forward with my new family of four.

It took me and daddy some time to it but it was the best. We did just fine. Long nights were a little rough but we managed. With baby not being his he chose to stick with me. (Note I did cheat once. It was a bad choice but a choice I made and it brought a miracle into our world. She and daddy are best friends. He and I talked our issues and we never fought.

I’ve had three kids (tubes removed now tho :)) and none of them were technically planned at all. I honestly don’t see how “planning” a pregnancy is such a thing. Sounds stressful and depressing, putting all that pressure on yourself and partner to produce a child on schedule like your making a product on a production line. And then every time it doesn’t take just getting down and even more pressure and stress building (which can have a negative affect on reproducing anyway) sounds like a terribly vicious cycle. But to each their own! No judgement here, I do understand why ppl do it, just not for us I guess! lol My point being, why love your child any less because they didn’t come at a predetermined time? Trust me, that cycle will return when they are grown as well! lol I have a 19yr old stepdaughter that has not shown up right when you want her to ever since she left home 🤣 spontaneity is the spice of life, they say! Good luck momma! 🩵

Thanks ladies 🥹Your stories really help. This will be my second. And I think I am just dreading how hard the first year will be but I know that is temporary. I was suppose to start graduate school and just landed my dream job. And I'm just trying to mentally wrap my head around the random change we are going to experience. Realistically part of me has wanted another but i often wonder if I would have ever pulled the trigger because of how hard motherhood can be at times. I've been asking God "should I have another" and I unexpected get pregnant so I do believe it was in Gods plan for me. I've known for a few days. The first couple days I honestly debated termination. But I know deep down I want this baby. I just haven't wrapped my head around it all yet I guess. Moments I'm happy then moments I'm like "omg, why now" 💚

All my babies were unplanned but blessings and all love. They had no fault in it. They were innocent so there was nothing to cope about. But yes, it’s hard work! Expensive.. it’s draining. It’s a side job of you working or a full time job if you not working.. regardless both hard. They both have their ups and downs. You get to choose if you want to struggle and love or not. I chose to struggle because I love them.

my baby is now 3 months and i felt very disaccosiated with her pregnancy up until i felt her move and even probably hours before she was born but your feelings are valid we were done having kids and had a suprise baby i felt like how could we do this all over again 😭 but honestly it was the missing piece to our family

@Andrea thank you for your kind words 💚

I got pregnant at 19 (im currently 20) and it was definitely unplanned! I kept reminding myself to look at the brighter side, viewing stuff in a more positive way. I ignored any negativity and focused on being optimistic. When I gave birth, it felt so surreal but I quickly adored her so much. Keep reminding yourself everything's going to be okay and this is God's plan🙂

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