Gender scan.

I had my gender scan at 16+1 weeks with window to the womb, that said it’s a girl which I’m over the moon with! However I’m afraid it could be wrong. Are we all agreeing that this is a girl? Just looking for some reassurance as I have now brought loads of floral and strawberry covered bits 😬😂 xx
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They will be able tell you at your 20 week scan too. My boy scan was very obvious , so I’d say this was a girl but that’s the issue with private scans xxxx

I had the exact same worry, had a private scan at 16 and was told she was a girl. Confirmed the same at my 20 weeks scan. I was so relieved id bought so many girls clothes already 🤣

Looks like a girl to me xx

Looks like a girl. I had a 4D scan at around 26 weeks and asked for them to double check the gender for me as I was concerned incase it wasn’t! They showed the same angle as your picture and it was a girl x

Thank you everyone for all your messages, I really appreciate it!! They have helped settle my anxiety for the minute! ❤️

@Ciara thank you so much for taking the time to write this! It’s nice to know I’m not the only over thinker! And thank you for your words of wisdom! X

I’d say swollen girl parts as looks like my scan

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