Sleeping too much?

My 4 week old sleeps a good 95% of the day I’d say - she’s barely awake. How often do your babies sleep? I am worrying that she is sleeping too much. 2nd baby and I can’t remember how often my first slept.
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Thus is my 2nd, 3.5 weeks old and sleeps pretty much 95% of the day too! x

Mines 6 weeks and only just started waking for actual periods of time. Exactly the same as yours in the first month x

Baby just woke for nappy & feed & went straight back off.

Mines 4 weeks as well and I got worried yesterday. Looked it up and the wake window is around 30-90 minutes at this age and it includes any feeding time. That made me feel a lot better, hope it does with you as well 😊

Same here, my baby is 13 days old and sleeps majority of the day! No other concerns as he’s a really healthy weight x

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