Hello everyone, it hasn't been confirmed i'm Having twins but just curious with people who found out really early you was pregnant did your pregnancy test show really strong I tested at 3+3 days and My test line was very bold and showed within 4-5 seconds? ( I have done 4 test with different brands and all showed that quickly)
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No very faint line, that's not an indication

I found out at 3 weeks and 3 days as well. I had extremely bad nausea which made me take a test.

Mine was a faint line at first, almost looking negative. But I went and got a diff brand and a digital and both came back very positive

I found out at about 3+5. Had tested the week before, and at 3+2/3+3 (can’t remember which now!) and they were all negative. It wasn’t the most bold line but it did turn positive after a few seconds of doing the test!

I got a very dark positive at 3 weeks.

Didn’t know it was twins till I got an ultrasound at 8 weeks. The line was pretty bold but I was 4+ weeks when I took a test. I waited till my predicted period came and went

With my first pregnancy (twins) I found out at 4 weeks exactly. It showed immediately and was very strong bold lines. I’m currently 38 weeks into my second pregnancy (singleton) and tested the day my period was supposed to start and it was also a strong positive. Not as dark as with my twins but definitely not a faint. All 3 of my babies are girls so I’m not sure if maybe that has something to do with the hcg being higher or not! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy and easy delivery!

i found out at 5 weeks in a scan and my tests progressed to really dark within days of my first positive pregnancy test xx

Lines mean nothing 🥰 it took 2 weeks for my strips to darken with my twins

I had a dark line at 3 weeks as well

Thank you everyone

@Dulia that's definitely there and pink, positive asf

@Kylee I have difficulty to take a pic. But when I check in the beginning I can’t see. And I look and look and it’s so light and I do the other one. And after that it’s more darker

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