Labour after cervical sweep

Hi ladies, Was just wondering if any of you on here went into labour within 48 hours of a cervical sweep? I’m curious as to how common it is! 2 days ago I had an attempted sweep but my cervix was still closed (although it was soft), had another go today and was 1cm dilated so was able to have the sweep 😍 Got another one booked for Saturday, just in case 👍 Wish me luck! 🤞
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I did with my first. Baby came within 48hr it’s. My second I had two sweeps and no movement from baby. I think it’s just circumstantial

I was 3 cms on Monday when I had my sweep , lost mi plug yesterday but nothing else happening....second one In morning xx

Fingers crossed for you @Tuesday !

I had a sweep last Tuesday and my baby was born early hours of Thursday morning. It was definitely the sweep that triggered the start of my contractions.

@Kellie can I ask, how many weeks were you when you had the sweep on Tuesday? I’m scheduled to get one on Monday and I’ll be 40 weeks (hoping for your outcome 🤞) x

I was 41+3 so a bit further along than you but I think my due date was wrong anyway. Wishing you lots of luck 🤞🏻

I did with my first baby and I did again this time but it was my second sweep and it worked in 24 hours x

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