Secondary infertility

I’m currently ttc for the a second child but haven’t been successful for 9 months now. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility before my first child, but did end up conceiving naturally after a long time trying (over 2 years). I’ve heard that I may not be supported for treatment from the NHS due to having my little boy already who was conceived naturally. Is anyone able to confirm if this was the same experience for them?
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Hi I’ve been ttc baby 2 since jan last year so 16 months now. Didn’t really ‘try’ for the first just had sec whenever. Now it doesn’t seem to matter what we try 🥲 in terms of help on the nhs is entirely based on your local trust. I am in Nottinghamshire and so not eligible for anything at all in terms of testing or help. I did have an internal scan in December but that was due to bleeding for over 30 days straight. The best way to know is to speak with your local gp x

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