So have started collecting yesterday, I got about 0.3ml Then today I only got just over 0.1ml Feel quite sad about it, think I had my hopes up a bit to high on how much I would be able to collect as everyone in the videos I was watching was collecting loads when they first started How much did everyone get when they started? And what tips don’t you have?
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I started collecting a couple of days ago and only a few drops at first. Equivalent to 0.2ml. Even less the day after. Going to give it a go again today. I was told that the supply will increase the more you try. Hang in there girl! X

Try not to feel disheartened some people don’t produce colostrum at all until baby is actually born everyone’s body’s are different. The more relaxed you are the better too 💞

i’ve been the same but don’t think hand-expressing is working for me so going to try pumping instead see if it makes any difference but when i asked my midwife she said do it like 3 times a day x

I had a wee shower first, then warmed nipples up more with a hairdryer/heater before hand expressing- have nipples facing down while you express & your pot there to collect the drops. It took a few minutes to come through but i managed a whole syringe there! I think the warmth really helps 🥰 x

I have found that having a nice warm shower, massaging the breasts and nipple stimulation before hand expressing has really helped. Staying well hydrated during the day has made a difference too. To begin with my supply also dropped and then went up. I tried using a hand pump and didn’t manage to get anything as there wasn’t enough to actually go in the bottle and it all just stayed in the breast shield bit. Keep at it and I’m sure soon enough you’ll manage more ❤️

I was the same, I had a few days (spread out) of low volumes but then after a week I was able to get 1ml in a go. Just think of the first few times as practice, don’t pressure yourself to collect and it will come I’m sure. I also get more after a relaxing shower/bath, when I’m on the sofa just watching something and feeling really relaxed. I also heard doing it a few times a day is good as it mimics when baby will be feeding

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