Pregnancy pillow suggestions?

Hi! I am 23 ish weeks pregnant and am starting to have trouble sleeping. A lot of back and hip pain. Early on I bought one of those little pregnancy pillows (pic attached) but it’s just not cutting it anymore. I have a queen sized bed that I share with my husband. He has told me to get whatever I want and not worry about size but obviously I want him to get a good sleep too. Any suggestions?
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I was looking into this one (similar but not same brand), why would you say it’s not working for you anymore, please? What’s your experience/needs like?

@Polina I think it was helpful for weeks like 16-22. Now it just doesn’t feel supportive enough. The knee pillow is too small and I need more fluff under my stomach and around my hip. Maybe a better brand would be better?

I got a squish mellow and they have the best under belly support while sleeping or lounging- 20 weeks with twins. I got the small/medium size, the size of a textbook

I litterally have just a long tube pillow and it’s amazing bc I can roll it over with me and don’t take up massive area in the bed

Last pregnancy I just used a body pillow the whole time bc it’s what I had. Hoping it works this time too. I just started feeling like I need to go find it 😅

My boyfriend got me a cooling long pillow and it was cool for like 2 days but it’s amazing for change it around, it helps me find different ways to be comfortable bc my back constantly is killing me

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