Low PAPP-A and Downs

I just got the results of having low paap-a at 0.13 and a 1 in 43 chance of baby having Downs syndrome. I've opted to have another blood test but this has made me panic. Did anyone else have this and all was ok?
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I also had this result after my 12 week screening, the downs syndrome chance was less (I think 1 in 140) but I had the further blood test and that came back low risk. I'm also now nearly 30 weeks and the baby is growing perfectly fine! It was a big panic at the beginning, so I know how you're feeling. 😌 I've seen so many more positive stories than negative, so hopefully that helps!! Xx

Thanks @Kitty that is reassuring. I'm going in for the further blood test tomorrow so praying all is ok

I had low PAPP-A in my first pregnancy and my midwife told me this time around that having that will likely affect the result of the downs testing

Oh really so it can affect the downs result? They said the fluid at the back of the baby's head was completely normal. The paap-a being low was the only factor. Completely panicked me

@Dee that’s what she told me because with my son I had a 1 in 322 chance which I know isn’t bad but was worse that I expected so I completely panicked. This time around I don’t have low PAPP-A and it’s a much better ratio

I also have low PAPP-A, and my initial test result came back as 1/75 chance of downs. Had the NIPT test and after what felt like the longest wait of my life, the rest came back with 99% accuracy of the baby not having downs x

Thanks guys this has really helped reassure me. Now like you said it's the longest wait to know for sure. Appreciate you getting back to me xx

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