Bedtime routines?!

Mummas are you starting to implement bedtime routines now babies are 3-4 months old … if so what are you doing as bedtime routines ? I feel like ours is so chaotic no wonder she doesn’t go to sleep for ages 😳🤦🏼‍♀️
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We go for a bath between 6/6:15, then we moisturise and massage, stories, bottle and cuddle, swaddle and down around 7pm. Baby will sleep until anywhere between 2 and 4 and then up again between 6/7 x

@Jessica Delf thank you !! Do you cuddle till LO is asleep or do you put them down awake ? x

@Sophie it depends! He will sometimes be asleep before I put him down as he’ll settle in his swaddle and other times I put white noise on and the rockit I have which helps him sleep x

I’ve done it twice to test it out and will properly implement when we’re back from holiday next week. but tbh I’m trying to avoid making it so lengthy as it’ll just take up our evening! (Or make it more chaotic as you’ve said) So the two times I’ve done it I’ve just changed nappy, popped him in a sleep suit, swaddled him (will change over to grow bag next week), put him in the next to me and leave. I’ve avoided bathing* and the other typical things like story time because he doesn’t associate** them with winding down for the night so why unnecessarily add to my already busy evening routine 🤷🏻‍♀️ *we obviously bath and read etc at other times of the day **im aware at some point he may need these things to wind down, but until then, i wanna go eat my dinner and watch a series!

I don’t have a specific routine as such but going off generally when our daughter has a feed throughout the day, the last feed tends to be around 8:30ish and then she usually falls asleep between 9:30 and 10. We tend to go to bed ourselves around that time so she usually just gets put in bed when we go up. She then usually wakes up around 5/6am for a bottle and then goes back down til around 9:30/10am before waking up for the day x

Yes only gently we do last feed in our bedroom with low light and lullaby playing and this seems to really help my Lo to settle x he's 12 weeks and sleeps 10pm till 5am then has a feed and goes back to sleep till 8am 😊

We do lights out & night-light on & feed around 7/7.30 then bath then another little feed & cuddle (& sometimes a story). Then into his next to me (usually wide awake) for around 8/8.30 & then I dream feed him at 9.30 & he was sleeping through until 5/6. However think we’ve hit the 4 month sleep regression 🙈 He’s 16 weeks now & we’ve been doing this since 7/8 weeks x

16 weeks and she tends to drop of around 8.30, I try and do her last feed as close to that as possible. We have a projector we put on and always have some sort of noise on and come upstairs with her when she's in bed. She'll sleep then until around 6/7 am x

We do a bath every other night at around 8-8:30pm, change nappy and put jammies on and then boob until he falls asleep at around 9:30-10:00pm. Once he’s asleep I transfer him to his next to me. We also wind down with him so once he’s asleep we’re also ready for bed. It’s not ‘perfect’ because he can’t just be put into his cot to fall asleep (he’d just cry and get worked up), but he does go to sleep every night. He then wakes naturally for feeds around 12:30-1:30am, again at 3:30-4:30am, and then about 7am where most of the time he’s awake then (but he has been known to squeeze in another 2.5 hour stretch of sleep). Obviously I’d love for him to sleep through, but he’s EBF so that probably contributes to it. That said, when he does wake up in the night, he feeds for 5-10 minutes then goes straight back to sleep - deffo knows his days from his nights at least 😂 just hoping this resonates with mums who haven’t got it quite right yet or it doesn’t fit into the traditional bedtime routine!

I don’t know if you’d class it as a routine but normally he’ll fall asleep while my husband and I watch tv in the evening. (A bath gets him hyped up so we do this in the morning). I breastfeed then husband cuddles him, when he’s sound asleep I place him in the next to me cot like a member of bombsquad. I go to bed shortly after and he wakes 3/4 times in the night to feed then falls straight back to sleep normally. He can tell day from night but I can’t just put him down and expect he’ll fall asleep… that sounds way too ambitious. He’s 12 weeks old btw

@Georgia we do exactly the same 🥰

I don’t follow any routine for my 12 weeks old,i feed him then we cuddle for such a long time and then he starts to sleep after a little walk in the room in my arms 🥰

Feed downstairs lights on 6/6.30, take him up to a lit room, lay him down on his bed zip up his sleeping bag shhh him stroke his face and kiss him, shut the blinds turn on white noise and turn off the light. If he’s not ready to go off ie hungry still he will let us know if not he rolls around a bit until he goes off x

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