No Sleep 😴

"Sleep when the baby sleeps" sounds great, except this baby will only sleep if I'm holding him. When he falls asleep, I'll move him to the bassinet and he's up crying in 10 mins or less. I'm not getting anything done around the house which is making me feel guilty. He sleeps for one 2-hour stretch in the bassinet at night and the rest of the night is 15-30 min periods of sleep with at least an hour of awake time in between. I end up with 3 hours of broken sleep overnight. I can't nap during the day since he cries when put down. I get a short nap before dinner when my husband gets home. It's really becoming a struggle. I love spending the whole day with this precious baby but man am I freaking EXHAUSTED.
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I can understand you… exactly the same thing is happening with me

This is exactly what I’m going through mama we got this

Baby wrap. I haven't used mine yet, so I'm not sure how productive it is. As far as him sleeping, maybe swaddle him in one of your shirts?

Don't worry about cleaning the house. It gets messier as they get older, lol. Do you have a bouncer or a rocker to put him in? Sometimes, that works for us. Yes, baby wear him to get things done if you need to.

This was my first child and it was so hard. He did well in the wrap so I baby wore to get stuff done. My fiance drives truck over the road so it was just my son and I and I needed to sleep for both of our safety which led to bed sharing following the safe sleep 7.

My kid loves to be wrapped to me and will pretty much sleep as long as he is there.

It gets better. How old is he?

@Daisha 3 weeks

Oh yea just give him time to adjust. I co sleep and my baby didn’t adjust until about 5 weeks

I’m having similar issues at the moment, my boy is 4 weeks old, I’ve found baby wearing during the day on particularly rough days means I can get stuff done and eat and leave the house if I need/want to because he also doesn’t like the pram! Night time is a struggle as well, I manage to get the first 2hrs of sleep if I go to bed at like 8pm with him in the next to me and after that its just constant wake ups! I have a toddler too so it does eventually get easier but these first few months are survival mode! And sometimes they randomly give you a long sleep stint which helps you recover from the broken sleep, I remember my toddler gave me 2 nights of 7hrs sleep when he was a few weeks old and then not for ages after that but them two nights refreshed me! Remember baby is new to the outside world, things change daily, just stay positive and one night will be a better sleep. Also at 4months everything changes and they have full blow naps during the day and night and you catch up

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