Is this a sign of labour???

I’ve lost 5 lots of mucus today and feel like it just keeps on coming as i always feel damp down below.. but they all look the same as in texture wise, colour, consistency etc… I maybe feel the tiniest bit of cramping too but nothing too painful.. Do we recon labour is days away? 😬
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it's a good sign it's close!

I recon!

Yep defo a lot of the mucus plug. Congrats hun. X

Thanks ladies! I’ve had loads more since this one! It’s happened about another 6 times now 😬

I had this last week and lost it over 2 days, I couldn’t believe so much was coming out! Went into early labour Saturday night until Monday morning and everything then decided to stop, and when examined I wasn’t even dilated! Have a sweep booked in for tomorrow so hoping that moves things along 🤞🏼I’m 40+4

@Amey oh wow. Crazy how it started and then stopped! I had a sweep on Monday so I think that’s why I’ve started to lose so much! I was already 1-2cm on Monday so I’m hoping since then it’s progressed with me losing so much mucus?? 🤞🏼

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