Sudden change to night wakings

Hello! My little boy has always been a good sleeper, but over the past 10 days has started waking up 4-5 times a night (I’m so sorry to anyone who has been doing this since December 🫠). He’s just turned 5m so I thought we’d passed the 4m regression, he is very dribbly and chewing everything but doesn’t seem to have any teeth yet. Anyone got any suggestions for what to try to get him sleeping slightly better at night? He’s also only sleeping 30 mins each nap which didn’t seem so bad when he was sleeping 8-9hrs a night but now I’m struggling 😂
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I dont have any solutions but I’ve heard that the growth spurs, regressions etc can happen a bit earlier/later, and that girls seem to have them earlier and boys later. Meaning it is totally possible that it is the 4 month regression… if that’s the case patience is your best (and probably only) tool until it passes. Hugs!

My 5month old is the same - has been sleeping through until recently when he’s been waking screaming like he’s in pain. I think it’s teething as chewing everything, has a rash on face and dribbling a lot. No teeth have come through yet but suspect they’re coming/moving underneath which is causing the pain. Nurofen has helped settle him.

I could’ve written this myself!! What is going on 😭😴🫠

@Dayna it’s awful isn’t it! Hes only had 2 naps today too, how is he not shattered?! 😂

A lot of ladies have experienced this judging by the comments I’ve seen. I think it’s a developmental phase they’ve got lots going on right now. No tips other than hopefully it’ll pass soon! X

@Lauren these are my thoughts exactly 😂 he’s currently sat laughing at me whilst I try and put him to bed too. 🫠🫠🫠🫠

Give this a read it really puts things in perspective

@Danielle thank you so much, I needed to read that today!

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