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I found out I was pregnant last week on Thursday. I had a faint positive on 4 tests and a clear blue positive 1-2wk. I was tracking my positive line to make sure each time it tested it got darker … Monday I noticed it got darker but then yesterday this morning I noticed it was lighter, I took a digital which said ‘not pregnant’ I thought it could be a chemical pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy as I’ve been getting dull ache in my right side (nothing painful) I spoke to my GP who has booked me in for a blood test tomorrow morning as I go abroad Sunday and I’m scared something is going to happen after the call I did another digital test which was ‘pregnant 1-2wks’ I then ended up getting anxious so phoned the hospital and was told to visit the early pregnancy assesment unit who told me to come in and done a urine sample … I was then told it was negative and there’s no traces of hcg to indicate pregnancy or even a chemical/ectopic pregnancy/miss carriage. So now I feel extra confused and keep wondering what is in me to be setting off positive pregnancy tests. I’m 5 days late on my period & it makes sense for me to be pregnant as we ttc last month on my fertile week. I’m still going to my blood test tomorrow to see what’s going on but I’m so scared 😭 I have no history of irregular periods or ovarian cysts. My periods have been fine since having my son last year in January. Last month my period was a bit odd it was stop start for a week but then stopped and I was fertile as normal. Has anyone experienced this before? 😔
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I've literally just had the same. Tested positive Monday, started bleeding and a negative test on Saturday. Unfortunately was a chemical pregnancy. From what I've read it just seems to be one of those unfortunate things 😔 feel free to message me x

Hi guys, I also had a chemical pregnancy this month. I even had full bloods and counts were inline with pregnancy. Sending love to you guys. 🖤

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