Grumpy baby

My boy is 5 weeks and I swear is possibly the most grumpy baby ever. Unless he’s asleep or got a bottle in his mouth he is crying. I just can’t work out how to settle him sometimes and I’m worried I’m over feeding him by offering him the bottle after only 2 hours to soothe him when I’ve run out of other options. This is my second baby and I just don’t remember if my daughter was like this or not. I’m so drained from his what feels like constant crying and also parenting a challenging almost 3 year old. Tell me I’m not alone and what I can try to help him and make us all happier! He’s on reflux milk as I’m pretty certain he has silent reflux which has helped the sickness and improved his nappies but I’m at a loss what to do next.
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Dummy? If he’s having a bottle just to sooth then maybe he’s just a suckler xx

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