Colostrum collecting tips

Hello ladies, I started trying to collect colostrum this afternoon and had no joy. I wondered if those who have been successful, would be happy to share their tips and tricks!? I’m not into baths so I used a hot water bottle on my chest and then did the C shape gentle massage. There was the tiniest amount that came out, but not enough to put into a syringe. Tried for about 15/20 on each side. Hoping I’m more successful in my next attempt 🤞
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No tips as it sounds like you’re doing the right things but just to say don’t stress about it. I couldn’t collect any at all with my first but had no problems feeding when he arrived x

Haven’t tried it yet as only 32 weeks but I saved this yesterday.

These are really helpful - thank you so much!

I had a wee shower first, then warmed nipples up more with a hairdryer/heater before hand expressing- have nipples facing down while you express & your pot there to collect the drops. It took a few minutes to come through but i managed a whole syringe there! The warmth really helps 🥰

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