Dummy or not?

My 7 week old little girl has been exclusively breast fed and I’m so proud of us for getting the hang of it. The problem that we are having is that she will not settle with her Dad. He has asked me last night if we could start giving her a dummy but I don’t want to as I have no problem settling her but it can’t be nice for him when she’s upset every time he holds her. Any advice?
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I’m in the exact same boat! It takes her dad ages to settle her then she settles straight away with me, we also don’t use a dummy and EBF.

My daughter doesn't want a dummy,if I put it in her mouth,she just brings it out.

My baby takes a bottle and a dummy and is bf most of the day. It’s never affected her latch and the dummy helps me settle her!

If the dummy isn’t something you ideally want your LO is still so little and has no idea you two are separate thing yet you could try keeping a muslin cloth down your boobs for a bit then place that with your partner whilst he holds her as it will smell like you as I understand it probably isn’t nice for him but she is still learning the world.

My 9 week old is breastfed & at 4 weeks I started expressing so her dad could feed her once a day on an evening & bond with her more as she wouldn’t settle with him. We also used a dummy from 2 weeks. It never affected her latch. Well done for getting so far as it’s not easy at all! I’d definitely recommend pumping if you can xxx

We started doing a bottle a day for Dad to give too. Started at 6 weeks and now at 9 weeks she's alot better at settling with him. We do one in the morning as it gives me time to get ready before he goes to work and I just pump it during the previous feed at around 5am. It stays on the side in the bedroom so no need to take to fridge and then warm again. We also started giving a dummy the last few weeks and it's not affected her latch. I was very against it, but we limit to times she can't just comfort feed like in the car.

We started doing a bottle a day from early on just in the morning so I can get a few hours sleep and he also has a dummy to help settle him and not affected his latch at all sometimes he wants it sometimes he doesn’t xx

Thanks all for the advice! I guess I’m just worried that once I give a dummy I will have to rely on it all the time whereas I don’t need it now. Will definitely consider expressing so he can bond with her now that breastfeeding is established

Don’t feel like you have to use a dummy either as I’m nine weeks in exclusively breastfeeding and it’s going really well !! So look at all you options I hope it gets better 🤍🤍

We are BF and dummy still really helps to settle :)

My LG was the same because she was expecting a feed from her dad when he held her, now he holds her along his arm with her facing out to settle her and she does so much more quickly as not near a nipple.could be worth a try first if not keen on introducing a dummy

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