Pregnancy pillow recommendations

Hey all, can anyone recommend a good pregnancy pillow? I’ve put it off using a normal pillow but it’s just not cutting it anymore!
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I honestly don’t recommend a pregnancy pillow. A regular pillow folded in half helps your hips the same as a pregnancy pillow. Pregnancy pillows get in the way and make u way too hot 😂 x

I quite like my Bella moon one x

I got my pregnancy pillow from mama&papa. It had become my new best friend it is also suitable for nursing once baby is here. Since I’ve been using it I haven’t suffered with any aches or pains during the night and I’ve been getting the best sleep in weeks xx

I've got the bb hug me one and I looove it. I never had one with my first, tried to make do with regular cushions or pillows but this time got this pillow and it's great, it's so mouldable it's lovely

I second the bbhugme! A bit expensive but 100% worth it

Mine is a bean bag type thing from jojo maman bebe, I don't like it as it's too big to help with bump and the beans don't stay where I want them. I would get a cushion type if I was choosing again, atm I just use a normal pillow

I second the bbhugme. I got a cheap one in my last pregnancy and it was useless, this one is soooo comfortable!

I've just received my pregnancy pillow from babybub - took a while to arrive, but so worth it I'm able to sleep more comfortably now😍

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