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I just need to share a little I think. I'm having a bit of a nightmare. My son hasn't pooped in 4 days. We started weaning last week so I know this is normal but I think it's bothering him. Going to give him some prunes when he wakes up from his nap. He's not eating (he's literally had about 2oz of his bottle this morning where he would have had 2 bottles by now), I think his gums are bothering him because he keeps shaking his head, stroking near his ears and I can feel that the gums are quite hard. He gets upset when I try and help him (give him calpol and bonjela). To top it all off I think he's trying to drop his evening nap so when it gets to about 5pm he's fuming but resisting sleep. Because he's not eating enough during the day he's waking up at night and early in the morning where he used to sleep through. I just don't know what to do to help him. It's like having a 4 week old again, I just don't know what to do 😥 x
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Lot going on here. Deffo try the prunes - and gripe water which can be given a few times a day. So if hes prone try after each meal. Belly and thigh massage too. I would sit my girl on my knee, close my legs, lean her over and rub her back too. and let her do squats on the bed until it comes for aslong as necessary. Stroking the ears could be a middle ear infection unless you are certain of teething. Keep an eye out for that. Try a little and often for his milk and vary temperature slightly. See if it helps. And if you can pinpoint it being 5pm - start the nap progressively earlier. The reverse cycling of the feeding in the night because not eating in the day is normal, just keep the time spent doing that short to try to avoid it becoming habitual long term.

@Kady thanks he finally pooped this afternoon. Don't know if it was the prunes but literally the same thing happened last week where he went 4 days without. He's been so out of sorts today that his normal nap routine has been all over the place but been going by wake windows so he's had some decent naps. Yeah I really really don't want to create new bad habits because he's always been an amazing eater and sleeper so maybe this is just a phase. Thanks for your help x

You are so welcome. We are all in a rut Take care of yourself x

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